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“Booth Industries, Jordan Manufacturing and R Blackett Charlton each offer only the highest quality systems for a range of bespoke products conforming to the most rigorous of standards.”
Making a difference

Redhall Manufacturing consists of Booth Industries, Jordan Manufacturing and R Blackett Charlton. We provide design, manufacture and fabrication services, as well as welding, assembly and testing expertise for both bespoke and pre-engineered steel and exotic metal products. The businesses within Redhall Manufacturing serve the nuclear, oil and gas, defence, marine, industrial, pharmaceutical, architectural and water industries.

Our core areas
Booth Industries Jordan Manufacturing R Blackett Charlton SHEQ
Booth Industries Jordan Manufacturing R Blackett Charlton Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality
Booth Industries is a leading world-class designer and fabricator of high integrity fire and blast doors, windows, modular wall systems and blast relief panels. Booth is divided into four sub-divisions: blast and fire resistant wall systems and doors, bespoke security and acoustic doors, commercial doors and pressure resistant tunnel doors. This makes us unique as we can offer the full range of steel doors from bespoke to
Jordan Manufacturing specialises in the manufacture and fabrication of bespoke equipment in carbon steel, stainless steel and complex alloys. Our workshops cover around 7,000 square metres and are dedicated to the manufacture of high quality products, equipment and assemblies for a wide range of market sectors including nuclear, architectural and process.
R Blackett Charlton specialise in pipe fabrication, steel fabrication, manpower services and mechanical services. Founded In 1885, our history stretches back 150 years with our main manufacturing facility and headquarters based on Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. Today, we are an established market leader with a reputation for delivering a quality product.
Health, safety and the environment sits at the heart of our core values. Nothing we do should cause harm to our workforce or the communities in which we operate. Booth Industries, Jordan Manufacturing and
R Blackett Charlton are all fully committed to executing projects in a safe and controlled manner.
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